Toontown Realms sigma 1.5.idk

toontown realms is now out of beta and has moved into the sigma stage of development!


  • the prologue episode has been revamped to be much more cinematic, interactive, and interesting!
  • classic characters have been laid off
  • slightly altered the appearance of npc toons
  • toontasks have been removed
  • added fanum tasks
  • im so sorry
  • removed toon up
  • added rizz up
  • again im so sorry
  • prior to being laid off, minnie sold off her share of minnies melodyland to michael jackson. he has renamed it to michael's melodyland and has changed its appearance
  • the flower thing in daisy gardens is a little faster
  • replaced oboe magic word with vineboom
  • removed make-a-cog easter egg
  • improved butterflies
  • dale is now acorn interolerant so for the sake of equity and inclusivity, him and chip have mutually agreed to remove references to acorns and replace them with corn
  • added a super hilarious and zany new item that you can sometimes acquire while fishing
  • improved cog walk cycles by adding alternate animations that it sometimes switches to to keep things fresh
  • remastered the toontown central playground music
  • updated loading screen images
  • donalds dock has experienced global warming
  • changed the texture of various treasures

Actual Improvements

These are things that are unrelated to the April Toons' week event

  • Implemented real-time reflections - You can toggle or adjust the quality of these in the settings menu
    • These use GLSL shaders which are fully customizable in resource packs
    • These reflections can currently be found in Donald's Dock (Not during April Toons's week), Lawbot HQ, and Acorn Acres.
  • Reimplemented the ToggleInstaKill magic word support for throwing pies
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