Toontown Realms Beta 1.5.0


  • Added a Datapacks button to the Pick-A-Toon screen -- this will show you what packs are currently enabled on the server
  • The ToggleInstaKill magic word now applies to throwing pies at wandering cogs

Prop Generator

  • Added Toon Building Interior, L-Shaped Toon Building Interior, T-Shaped Toon Building Interior, and Long Toon Building Interior -- these props can have their wall, floor, and wainscoting textures and colors changed in the prop editor
  • Added Counter and Short Counter props
  • The Texture Plane prop now uses the same brand new texture picker as the Toon Building Interiors
    • The new texture picker allows you to add textures to the grid

Experimental Features

  • Added a new prop type: Teleporter Doors
    • This is the first entry into what we are calling Functional props!
    • Each door you place is given a 6 digit numerical ID, which you can enter into another door's Target Door field
      • Doing this is a one-way link - if you want a door to be be 2-way, you must set the second door's target field to the first door
    • Since this is locked under experimental, this means that it is incomplete, and therefore is missing many features
      • Currently, most prop editing features are missing with these doors, such as editing color scales, filters, and repositioning without using the 'Grab' button
        • Currently, you may Place, Move (Only using grab, not putting in values directly), Delete, and change the target of doors. All other prop features are missing.


  • Fixed various instances of Toon portraits t-posing
  • Fixed various instances of a visual glitch on sliders
  • Fixed a crash when using the Toon Down unite with the retro speedchat option
  • Fixed certain key presses still being accepted while typing into the code input box
  • Fixed a crash caused by completing a hardcore boss
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in episodes relating to music
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