Toontown Realms Beta 1.4.0


  • Updated Panda3D engine - this implements approximately 2 and a half years (a little over 1000 commits) of improvements and fixes (along with our own as shown in the fixes section) to the engine

Resource Packs

  • Music files can now have custom loop start points specified
    • When a custom loop point is specified, the song will play in its entirety the first time, but when it loops it will start from the custom loop start point instead of from the beginning of the song
    • This can be used to make seamless loops
  • This can be done by creating a file next to the OGG file with the same name as the music file, except a json file instead of an ogg, and specifying a loop_start key value
    • e.g. making the Toontown Central theme's loop start 10.24 seconds into the song
      • Create a json file in your resource pack at phase_4/audio/TC_nbrhood.json
      • Inside it, put:
            'loop_start': 10.24

Prop Generator

  • Revamped the prop generator spawn interface
    • The Prop List is now merged with the rest of the Prop Generator interface, which has been completely remade from the ground up
    • You can change the size of the UI using the new Prop Spawner UI Scale option in the video settings menu
    • The snap settings have been expanded:
      • You can now change the snap sizes of Horizontal positioning, Vertical positioning, and rotation separately.
    • You can now place props using the mouse directly
    • You can rotate props before placing them by holding the 'Z' key
    • Added Default Street, Sidewalk, and Curb texture options to the Prop Generator settings menu
      • This will determine what each new street piece spawns with by default instead of always spawning as Toontown Central
    • Revamped Duplicating Props
      • Pressing the Duplicate button will now open up the spawn menu and allow you to place the duplicated prop directly
    • Added a new Move button to props
      • This will let you grab the current prop and move it the same way you would place a new prop
    • Removed the Hotbar feature as it is now unnecessary since the menu is always visible
      • Instead you should use the Favorites feature
        • Right click a prop in the prop list to add or remove it from your favorites
  • Added a new feature to the prop generator: Snap Points
    • Certain props will now automatically snap props you are about to place into these snap points to assist you in building
    • All of the Flat Wall and Toon Building props have snap points to attach
    • You can override this by holding the Alt key
  • The Prop Generator can now be used in your estate
  • All* props will now have collisions in Build Lots and Estates
    • *Many prop models do not actually have their own collisions, so you will still need to place your own in many spots
    • Like before, you can completely disable prop collision in the game settings
  • The Prop Generator can now be used in the Boss Lobby areas and DA Office Lobby


  • Added the sound effect from the Audit attack to the Calculate and Tabulate attacks
  • Reverted Bossbot HQ to the original design from Toontown Online
  • Implemented a new server option: Experimental Features (experimental-features) - this will enable certain experimental features on your Realm
    • This option allows you to test incomplete features or concepts with the intent of gathering feedback. Use this option with care, we will not provide support if any files (such as the Toon database) are damaged. Please back up your saves.
  • Increased the fishing timeout from 45 seconds to 90 seconds
  • Added snow and wind to The Brrrgh streets
  • Improve camera transition when boarding an elevator
  • Added a popup animation to the area title text
  • Added an animation to the battle reward panel
  • Gag Shops now have unique interior colors compared to generic buildings
  • Replaced some static props in the Toontown Central playground with their animated counterparts
  • Improved various attack animations
  • Cog nametag arrows are now grey (this reverts when using the Classic Nametags option)
  • Added an animation to Trolley and Elevator countdowns
  • Sellbot Field Offices once again reward SOS cards
  • In the Sellbot VP battle, you can now hear the VP jump sound effect no matter where you are
  • Slightly lowered the volume of the trains in the Cashbot HQ Trainyard
  • Improved Jellybean earning animation with Jellybean Unites
  • Overhauled the Cog panel in battles
    • Hovering over these new panels will show their current health
  • Added some help bubbles to a couple of server options


  • A ton of various optimizations have been made, especially to loading
    • This will be most noticable when loading into the game from the Pick-A-Toon screen
      • In testing, we've noticed the time it takes to load from Pick-A-Toon into a playground has decreased from around 10-11 seconds to around 2 seconds

Experimental Features

Anything locked behind the Experimental Features toggle is considered incomplete and subject to change or removal at any point. Use this option with care, we will not provide support if any files (such as the Toon database) are damaged. Please back up your saves.

  • Implemented some experimental changes to the CEO Seltzer tables
    • These are experimental in order to gather feedback and further improve the experience prior to making it the default
  • When Experimental Features are enabled, The Brrrgh's snow and fog effects have been updated
  • Added a second edit page to the Texture Plane props that will allow you to edit the UV offset and scaling
    • This feature is fully reliable, it is here because the interface is not yet ready; you will fully be able to load prop saves made with this option enabled even if you disable it

Magic Words

  • Removed the Trolley Magic Word - This has been replaced by the Drop command explained below
  • The Snap Magic Word now targets yourself and is no longer locked behind moderator access
  • Several new Magic Words have been introduced
  • 'estate' is now a valid option for the Teleport magic word
Magic Word Args Description Aliases
SetVolume type: str, volume: int Sets the volume of type to volume. (type can be music, sfx, or all // volume can be 0-100) SetVolume, volume
Logout Logs you out of the game and puts you back to the Pick-A-Toon screen Logout, exit, leave, pickatoon
RNG [lowerLimit: float = 0.0], [upperLimit: float = 100.0], [amount: int = 1] Rolls amount random numbers between lowerLimit and upperLimit RNG, dice, roll
ToonRoulette action: str Play the Toon Roulette game! The Toon who is picked, will be kicked out of the game! Use actions start to start a round, join to join a round, and leave to leave a round ToonRoulette
Drop [propName: str = 'Trolley'] Creates a prop that falls from the sky on the specified target. Currently available propNames are: Trolley, Big Weight, Safe, Piano.
ToggleToonDownDmg Toggles Toon-Down unite damage taken from non-moderator Toons. When enabled, the target will always be affected by Toon-Down unites.

New Props

  • 3D Wood Fence
  • Acorn Acres Bridge
  • Goofy Speedway Tunnel
  • Goofy Speedway Lamp Post
  • Under Construction Sign
  • Goofy Mailbox
  • Lawbot Gavel
  • Lawbot Pillar
  • Lawbot Scale
  • Mole Hole
  • Street Tight Corner
  • Street Small Square Courtyard
  • Street Square Courtyard Piece
  • Street Square Courtyard Exit
  • Street Octagon Courtyard Piece
  • Street Octagon Courtyard Exit
  • Street Divided Transition
  • Street Divided 40x70


  • Fixed settings which use a float (e.g. 1.0) value resetting when an int (e.g. 2) value is input into the json file
  • Fixed a crash relating to the Lawbot Field Office Flying game
  • Fixed several issues with the Lawbot Field Office Flying game
  • Fixed accessories on SOS Toons
  • Fixed getting stuck on vertical surfaces while playing at high frame rates
  • Fixed a couple of floating props throughout the game
  • Fixed an issue where certain collision nodes were present on boss Cog transformations which would cause physics issues with certain animations
  • Fixed a crash with custom Cogs which were set as Skelecogs by default that occurred with certain battle animations
  • Task dialog now appears properly when using nerfs mode
  • Fixed some issues with the camera regarding transformations
  • Fixed being able to access prop generator interfaces when you shouldn't be able to, which could allow you to walk around when you shouldn't be able to
  • Fixed a floating tree on Beta Oak Street
  • Fixed a rare build field crash
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when the Cog Spawn rate multiplier setting was set below 1.0
  • Closets now work
  • Fixed server crash with accessories
  • Fixed Daisy Gardens not playing its Halloween theme during Halloween
  • Other Various smaller fixes
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