Toontown Realms Beta 1.3.0

Data Packs

  • This update introduces Phase 1 of Data Packs.
  • You can read the current (albeit limited) documentation here!
  • You can download the open sourced Data Pack Development kit for easier Data Pack creation here!
  • Phase 1 includes:
    • Changing of Cog Appearances
      • Cog Appearances define all the visual aspects of a Cog, such as the body type, it's name, it's head parts, textures, and more. Currently this only allows replacement of already existing Cogs (e.g. to make a fully custom Cog, you'll have to replace a vanilla one) this is something that will be changed in phase 3.
    • Changing of Cog Quote Sets
      • Quote Sets define the dialog each Cog uses. You create these quote sets then add them to each Cog appearance.
    • Changing of Cog Zone Spawns
      • Zone Spawns are the data pack implementation of the current "suit hood info" file. The only difference with this implementation is that each zone gets its own file, instead of being combined into one - leading to better modularity and the use of multiple packs is now possible. (E.g. if you have a pack that only updates TTC zones, you can also use a pack that only updates mml zones)
  • The documentation listed above will show you how to install data packs, and how to make them.


  • Renamed the SetFly magic word to ToggleNoclip
    • Added aliases setfly and noclip to this magic word
  • Removed the ToggleCollisionsOff and ToggleCollisionsOn magic words, these have been replaced with the ToggleNoclip magic word
  • Added various new soundtracks to the Cog HQs, Facilities, and Boss Battles
  • Added a new moderation magic word ToggleRemoveTool
    • When this is enabled, you can click on a prop to instantly delete it - this is useful for cleaning up a lot of props at once
  • Added a new logging feature to moderation
  • The Shift-F1 debug overlay now uses a monospaced font for easier viewing
  • Doodle teleport holes now respect the Smooth Animations option
  • Garden Flappy Cogs now respect the Smooth Animation option
  • Implemented the ability to spawn Cog buildings with up to 999 floors
  • Reworked the syntax of the SpawnBuilding magic word
    • The arguments are now: difficulty: int, numFloors: int, departments:str (comma separated)
  • The new RequestNumBldgCogs magic word can be used to influence how many cogs will spawn on the next floor
  • The cogs on each floor are now generated when loading the floor instead of when the building is first spawned to enable the above features
  • Added 2 new building star levels
  • Lowered the volume of the gavels in the CJ final round
  • Updated Cog portraits in all areas of the game
  • Added a bunch of estate furniture props to the Prop Generator
  • Added pink slips to the SetActionProp magic word which can be used on Cogs
  • Many, many backend reworks to Cogs to support future changes


  • Fixed many issues involving transformations
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when teleporting to someone in a build field
  • Fixed an issue where cogs would disappear caused by the pie throwing mechanic
  • Fixed an issue where the default font (ImpressBT) was significantly lower quality than all other fonts
  • Various smaller crash fixes
  • Various visual fixes
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