Toontown Realms Beta 1.1.0

Beta 2023.1.1.0


  • Implemented ability for Realms to display a custom MOTD popup upon connection. This is achieved by creating an 'motd.json' file in your Realms' config.
  • You can now throw Pies at Cogs while roaming the streets or Cog HQs if you have any (Using the SetActionProp magic word)


  • JPEGs are now supported for Realm icons
  • Tweaks to the in-game server list to improve discoverability
  • Improved camera angles in the CFO crane round
  • The Toon Head statue plantable props are now stone textured
  • Beta movement mechanics while in Beta playgrounds can now be disabled in the Retro options
  • Added several props to the Prop Generator
  • When a player is banned, their messages will be removed from the chat log
  • Online players will be notified if another player has been banned
  • The battle round timer can now be changed using the new SetBattleTimer magic word (min 5 seconds, max 60 seconds)
  • Various sounds throughout the game are now specialized in 3D space
  • Realm owners can now disable Global chat
  • Updated profanity filter
  • Visual improvements to Donald's Dock and The Brrrghs' skyboxes


  • You can now properly use the Save and Load features of the Prop Generator in your build lots
  • The Periscope Toon inside the Toon HQs once again announces Cog invasions
  • Special cogs now have proper default attacks
  • Fixed visual issues with the treasures in the CFO crane round
  • Fixed boss battles sometimes not properly respecting the FOV option
  • Fixed many crashes

Beta 2023.1.1.0a/b/c/d

  • Hotfixes to attempt to remedy MOTD issue

Beta 2023.1.1.0e


  • MOTDs have been switched to use a JSON format instead of XML

Beta 2023.1.1.0f


  • Fixed a crash with pies

Beta 2023.1.1.0g


  • The more details field while reporting a player now functions properly
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