Toontown Realms Beta 1.0.7


  • The Silly Meter SFX is now spacialized in 3d space.
  • The "Texture Plane" prop can now have transparency applied to it.
  • Readded the "Flex" cog attack from Toontown Offline 2.5.7.
  • Added the "Flex" cog attack to Buff Shark. If the Buff Shark uses this attack, his next attack will deal more damage and he will take less damage the round after using the attack.


  • Fixed a softlock when riding the tutorial trolley.
  • Fixed a server crash related to dying in boss battles.
  • Fixed some issues related to the "Run" command.
  • Fixed placeholder text found within the Color Shop of the Make A Toon.
  • Fixed a crash regarding the "SpawnFO" magic word.
  • Fixed an error with dedicated server crash detection.
  • The second-to-last ToonTask in the Bossbot suit taskline will now be properly nerfed while in Nerfs Mode.
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