Toontown Realms TTOFF


  • Added a new magic word ToggleBurnFuel to toggle infinite fuel in the Lawbot Field Office flying game.
  • It is now possible to set clothing colors to black or gray.
  • You can now play the holiday specific games in Bossbot HQ year-round
  • Added an option to set the Toon-Up gag track to a self healing mode in the server configuration file. This is always enabled when playing in Offline mode.
  • Renamed the Boss Party system to just Party.
  • Server owners can now toggle reserve cogs in the server configuration file.
  • Many more optimizations and improvements to the game's backend.


  • Fixed an issue where boolean arguments would always be true in magic words
  • Patched various memory leaks
  • The SpawnCog magic word is no longer case sensitive
  • Various miscellaneous fixes
  • Fixed a server crash that occurred when connecting to the official mini-server with a slash in a username
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