Toontown Realms TTOFF


  • Toontown Offline has a lot to do, and in this update we're making it easier to understand how to use many of the features. (This is just the beginning, we are committing to improving Toontown Offline's usability in future updates.)
  • The Magic Menu is now accessible through a button that appears when hovering over the Shticker Book button
  • When playing in sandbox mode, Cog short-hands (a.k.a. the abbreviation used for magic words) will now show when hovering over a Cog's name in the Cog Gallery page and in the Cog details panel
  • When typing in a magic word into the chat box, the command usage and arguments will show beneath the chat box. Arguments that are *[italicized in brackets]* are not required arguments, whereas non-italicized arguments not in brackets are required. The arguments will also light up red if an invalid value is entered (such as entering a string into an integer argument. It currently does not validate whether it is an actually accepted value, rather it only validates the type.
  • *We're always looking for ways to improve the accessibility of Toontown Offline; if you have any way you think we can improve upon it, send it in our #suggestions channel

Other Improvements

  • The interval and task debug screens now use a monospaced font to fix text alignment
  • Updated some magic word descriptions and aliases
  • The MaxToon `missingTrack` argument is now more flexible
  • Screenshots from the screenshot contest have been added into the game! Check out the winners HERE
  • We also added a couple of our own loading screens


  • Fixed a server crash that would occur on start-up if the time zone was set to an unsupported or invalid time zone
  • Fixed an issue with fish panels
  • Fixed an issue causing the new Cattlelog notifications to not appear
  • Building interiors are now accurate to their appearance in Toontown Online
  • The text popup above interactive props during their opening cutscene now properly fades out
  • Fixed a crash that would occur in the Bossbot Country Clubs maze
  • The loading screen will no longer have gray bars on the sides when playing in a maximized window on a 16:9 monitor
  • Fixed a long standing visual issue in the loading screen where the loading bar's shadow was significantly larger than the bar itself
  • Fixed a minor visual oddity where the loading bar would disappear prior to the rest of the loading screen
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