Toontown Realms TTOFF


  • Toons no longer collide with each other in the Ring Game
  • Right Click no longer selects props
  • Added more teleport greeting options
  • Revamped the muting system - Mutes now persist when a user disconnects, also now applies to all toons on that account.
  • Mute magic word has also been revamped - Check the spellbook page for more information.
  • The Ban magic word uses minutes for the duration instead of seconds
  • Added a new unique soundtrack to the Lawbot DA offices composed by the wonderful grainyleech


  • Fixed various battle issues
  • 'Skelecog' is now properly recognized for the SetAnimalSound magic word
  • Fixed many localizer issues
  • Fixed crashes with the meet here easter egg
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a cog building would be saved by an NPC
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