Toontown Realms TTOFF


  • Add a confirmation dialog to the delete all and delete zone buttons in the Prop Generator
  • Added a cooldown to the SpawnInvasion magic word
  • The SpawnBuilding magic word is now more flexible with department names (e.g. you can use b, bb, or bossbot for bossbot instead of using the internal abbreviation of c)
  • You can now spawn a field office with no barrel room by specifying 1 battle floor in the SpawnFO magic word
  • Added the Curb Pile prop from the outskirts to the Prop Generator
  • Doodles will no longer spawn in Chip and Dale's Campsite when you are in ghosted, this is useful for moderation
  • Visual updates to Chip and Dale's Campsite and Chip and Dale's Acorn Acres
  • Updated the default move sets for some of the 'fun' cogs
  • Localization updates
  • Updated the background of the initial loading screen to reflect newer branding changes


  • Fixed various crashes relating to modding features
  • Fixed some issues with the SpawnBuilding magic word
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