Toontown Realms TTOFF


  • April Toons' week has come to a close! We hope you enjoyed it!


  • Adjustments to mixed buildings have been made based on community feedback
  • Server owners can now adjust how much laff is given through passive healing while in a playground through the playground-passive-healing-amount setting in server.json
  • It will now snow in the Trolley Gag Shop screen while in The Brrrgh
  • Various text adjustments to improve consistency and grammar.
  • When adding the Song and Dance attack to a Cog through modding, the attack will now target a single Toon instead of being a group attack.


  • Fixed an issue with the SetLaffMeterColor magic word
  • Fixed a district reset caused by invasions
  • Fixed some issues with battle movie timing
  • Fixed a long standing bug where you would sometimes be unable to open the street map
  • Fixed the positions of many treasure spawn points in Toontown Central
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed you to remain ghosted when teleporting out of your estate while in the edit furniture mode
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