Toontown Realms TTOFF

Toontown Offline: The Definitive Edition

  • Toontown Offline has received a simplified logo!
  • The Operation: Seek Out Scrooge Part I episode is now available to play!
  • Removed the Sound gag track
  • Added the Duck gag track - This new gag track will affect all Cogs, but be careful, it will wake up any lured Cogs!
  • The Main Menu has been updated with some Cogs roaming the background to feel more alive!


  • The clouds in Donald's Dreamland and Minnie's Melodyland's skies now move for consistency between other playgrounds
  • A new magic word has been added: SetHouseNameColor which can be used to change the color of the nameplate on your Toon's house.
  • A new magic word has been added: SetAnimalSound which can be used to force a specific animal sound on your Toon.
  • A new magic word has been added: SetLaffMeterTextColor which can be used the modify the text color on your Toon's laff meter.
  • Fishers rejoice! Fish records are now displayed on your Fish Album.
  • Added the ability to have the game decide a Gag track for you when choosing a new Gag track.
  • Added the ability to choose from various Teleport Greetings in the "Games" tab of the Options Page.
  • Added the ability to spawn Cog buildings consisting of more than 1 cog type through the SpawnBuilding magic word
  • Added the ability to initiate Cog invasions consisting of more than 1 cog type through the SpawnInvasion magic word
  • General UI enhancements
  • The Trolley Gag Shop screen will now be unique depending on which playground you are in


  • Server owners can now modify Cog spawning through the suithoodinfo.json file
  • Server owners can now modify Cog attributes through the cogattributes.json file
  • Server owners can now modify Fish data through the fishdict.json file
  • Note: All of these modding features are currently in an ALPHA state - while they are stable, it is guaranteed that there will be some adjustments to these features in the future, and support will not be provided until these features are no longer considered alpha. Documentation for these 3 files are also currently not available, but will be available once these features exit their alpha states.


  • Minor DNA fixes
  • Fixed a long standing issue stemming from Toontown Online where the loading bars on loading screens wouldn't accurately reflect the real loading progress
  • Various stability improvements
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