February 2023 Progress Update

Hey all! It's been a while!

You might've noticed things are looking a little different around here. That's because we're rebuilding our website from the ground up to improve the back end, front end, and feature set for both you and us. It's not quite done yet so please excuse the issues or missing pages.

Now let's get to what you're actually here for.

The Toontown Realms 2023 Progress Update!

We're putting the finishing touches on our first beta for Toontown Realms! While you wait, let's give you a peek into what to expect from this beta.

Beta 1 is a much smaller update when compared to the upcoming beta releases. This release primarily focuses on quality of life improvements, the UI revamp, and the staple feature of this update: build fields!

Let's dive deeper into each of these points!

Build Fields

Build Fields are a complete re-imagining of the current Toontown Fields feature found within Toontown Offline.

Currently, there are 5 field zones accessible to all players which anyone can build in, and delete props at-will. These lots are also locked to a single theme.

In Toontown Realms, we've removed these field zones and replaced them with the build fields.

These build fields can be customized to your hearts' content! Once you create your build field, you can:

  • Choose from one of many different themes representing each area in Toontown
  • Customize permissions
    • You can choose to make the lot public, private, or friends only
    • You can also set who is allowed to build, delete props, change themes, and other aspects of the build field system. These are all changable separately, and with the ability to set these for individual Toons, along with the general public, friends only, and private options
  • Save your builds to the Realm you are on to allow you to continue these builds even if you are using a different computer
    • An autosave will also be created upon exiting a field, ensuring you will never lose your progress.
  • And more!

These lots are accessible through the new Build Fields button in the Magic Menu

UI Updates

Toontown Realms features a revamped user interface throughout much of the game.

  • We've overhauled the clothing and Toon color sections of Make-A-Toon to remove the inconvenient arrow based navigation system. Now you will be presented with a convenient grid of your options.
  • We've implemented a new feature we call the Action Bar. Here you will find the Shtickerbook, the social menu, the Magic Menu, the Party Menu (formerly known as Boss Parties), area maps, notifications, and camera settings all in one quick to access place.
  • We've revamped the Speedchat+ interface, integrating it with the chat log. We've also more closely integrated Magic Words with the Speedchat+ interface to make using them significantly easier by adding suggestions and argument autocomplete.
  • And more for you to discover when the game launches! !

Realm Owner Features

Toontown Realms implements new moderation features for Realm owners.

  • The reports system has been updated. Users can now add additional detail through a text field.
  • Realm owners can now specify custom API endpoints URLs for reports to send them to their own web servers to improve moderation efficiency instead of having to read through JSON files.
  • Realm owners can also specify custom API endpoint URLs to fetch access levels for users from a custom database. This can be useful for large servers where looking through the Astron database folder is unfeasible.

Quality of Life

Toontown Realms has a ton of quality of life improvements over its predecessor. We'll save this for you to discover at launch.

This is only a peek at what is to come from Toontown Realms' first beta, which itself is only a peek at what is to come in future releases.

What's in the future?

Below is our current roadmap which is of course subject to change


We're so excited to be so close to getting this game out and we can't wait to share more!

Thanks for reading, and stay Tooned for more!

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The Toontown Realms Team

Wednesday, 08 February 2023

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