Welcome to Toontown Realms!


What is Toontown Realms?

Toontown Realms is the best way to play Toontown YOUR way!

What can you do in Toontown Realms?

Host your own Realm, or play in Offline mode!

Toontown Realms allows you to host your own realms (or servers) for you and others to play on.

Realms can be configured with many different configuration options and modding features to make each Realm unique!

Experience all new mini-games!

Toontown Realms is home to some all new mini-games, such as Prop Hunt and Sellbot Showdown.

Build using the Prop Generator!

The Prop Generator allows you to build whatever you can imagine! Whether you want to add some detail to an area or build a whole new area, the only thing limiting you is your imagination in Toontown Realms!

Customize your Realm!

Realm hosters have access to various modding features, with more in development! Currently, realm owners can edit NPCs or create brand new ones, edit Cog attributes and spawns, and fish spawns, and create their own maps for the Prop Hunt mini-game. All of these modding features are easily distributable to share with the community! Not to mention the long list of options that realm owners can change.

Explore new areas!

Toontown Realms is home to some unique areas such as Chip 'n' Dale's Campsite and Dreamy Drive!

Travel to the past!

Toontown Realms allows you to experience many different Toontown features as they appeared in older versions of Toontown Online, such as all 5 playgrounds as they appeared in the Toontown Online Beta, the beta fishing mini-game, and many different options for smaller features.

Play with a wide range of Magic Words!

Toontown Realms gives players access to a massive selection of Magic Words (or commands) to play with. Whether you want to run faster, transform into a Cog or even a mailbox, or change your apperance, you will find a Magic Word for nearly everything you could want to customize in Toontown Realms.

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Sunday, 11 December 2022

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