Announcing v1.2 - July 2022 Progress Update

Hey all! Welcome to our July 2022 progress update. This time, we’re proud to announce what you can expect from our Toontown Offline v1.2.0.0 Update! This update will introduce new games to play with your friends, along with many other improvements to the game. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Toontown Offline v1.2.0.0

Sellbot Showdown

We first hinted at Sellbot Showdown back in March of 2021, and we’re finally working on getting it out to play!

What is Sellbot Showdown?

Sellbot Showdown is a fast-paced exciting tug-o-war style mini game where two teams of Toons pit against each other to knock the Sellbot V.P. off the platform. This game will support up to 16 players and will put your pie aiming skills to the test!

Prop Hunt

Another mini game we’re releasing is Prop Hunt.

What is Prop Hunt?

Prop Hunt is a casual hide-and-seek style mini game where two teams, the Props, and the Hunters, compete for victory. The Props have to disguise themselves as a prop and try to blend in with their surroundings to not get caught by the Hunters. Prop Hunt can also be played with up to 16 players. Server owners will also be able to create their own Prop Hunt maps using any DNA file and models from Toontown Offline. Alongside the release of this update, we will also be releasing a tool to easily convert prop saves you have made with the prop generator to a Prop Hunt map.

We’re having a ton of fun developing these games and we can’t wait for you all to play them!

More Improvements

Along with these new games, we’re working on various other smaller improvements. Some highlights being:

  • A whole new Party UI to replace the old clunky Boss Party interface.

New Party UI Concept (NOT IN-ENGINE)

  • Client sided chat filtering to allow users to control the language they see on servers – even those with no chat filtering – to allow users to have a safer, friendlier environment. Whether you’re a streamer, a younger player, or just looking to keep things clean, this new feature is for you!
  • New moderation features for server owners
  • And more surprises!

While we won’t give a release date until everything is ready, we’re hard at work to get this update out, and we can’t wait to see you play it!

Before we end off, we'd like to address a common question we get. "What about the Endless Building?" We've decided to temporarily put the Endless Building on hold as we don't have the resources to make it the best it could be. We understand this might be disappointing, we want to wait until we can be absolutely sure we can make it as perfect as possible!

Thanks for reading and for your continued support, and have a great day!

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Toontown Offline Team

Friday, 22 July 2022

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