June 2022 Progress Update

Wow, it's been a while since we've done one of these! We got a bit to talk about this month, so we'll just get right into it!

Screenshot Contest Results First off, our recent loading screen submission contest just came to a close. The screenshots that won can be found in game as of the v1.1.4.0 update! You can also check out the winners HERE! Thank you to everyone who participated!

Accessibility Improvements One of our big tasks as of late is to improve Toontown Offline's accessibility. There is a LOT to do in Toontown Offline, but most people don't know how to do a lot of what it has to offer, and many people don't even know about many features. So starting with the v1.1.4.0 update we are putting a higher emphasis on accessibility. To start, we've added a quick access button to the Magic Menu which is now accessible by hovering over the Shtickerbook button, and when typing in a command, you can now see what arguments are available for that command. You can read more about this on our v1.1.4.0 patch notes. We're always looking for ways to improve the accessibility of Toontown Offline; if you have any way you think we can improve upon it, send it in our #suggestions channel on our Discord server.

Upcoming As we enter the summer time, we are able to dedicate more time to Toontown Offline. We are currently working on some big things that we won't reveal just yet. Stay TOONED to our Discord server for some teasers in the near future!

Thanks for reading this short blog post, and we hope you enjoy our recent updates.

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The Toontown Offline Team

Sunday, 05 June 2022

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