Screenshot Contest!

Hey Toons!

Toontown Offline has changed a lot since we last opened up loading screen submissions, so we've decided the loading screen is due a refresh!

Starting NOW, you can submit your screenshots by pressing the SUBMIT A SCREENSHOT button at the top of this page! If your screenshot is accepted, it will be visible in game and you will receive a special role in our Discord server.

Note: An account on our website, along with a Discord account, is required to submit screenshots. If you do not have an account on our website, press the SIGN UP button in the top right corner, then you can proceed to submit a screenshot.

Below are some requirements and guidelines for screenshot submissions:

  • All screenshots MUST be creative! Try to depict a wacky situation that you may encounter in Toontown Offline.
  • All screenshots MUST be taken in a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • All screenshots MUST be no smaller than 1600 x 900 pixels in resolution.
  • All screenshots MUST be taken in Toontown Offline v1.1.2 or later. Do not submit a screenshot taken in any old versions of Toontown Offline.
  • All screenshots MUST have the game UI and chat bubbles hidden. You can hide these by pressing both F2 and F3.
  • PLEASE enable Anti-Aliasing, and use highest graphical options possible.
  • Do NOT make any edits or apply any filters to your screenshots. Submit them how they are taken.
  • Do NOT enable any visual resource packs when taking screenshots.
  • Do NOT use Software Mode when taking screenshots.
  • If you are submitting more than a few screenshots, please try to limit the amount of times a specific Toon makes an appearance. We prefer for generic or NPC Toons to be in most of the screenshots. You can randomize your Toon's appearance by using the "RandomDNA" Magic Word.
  • Try to submit your screenshots as PNG files. JPGs are fine if necessary. No format other than PNG or JPG will be accepted.
  • If your submission gets put into the game, the Toontown Offline logo will cover the top-center portion of your screenshot. Try to make sure anything you would not want to be covered stays clear of this area. You can see a preview of how this will look by using the "Logo" Magic Word.
  • Take your screenshot in-game using the F9 key, or through a 3rd party screen capture program.
  • To move your camera around in-game, press the F4 key or use the "Oobe" Magic Word.
  • To stop all Toons looking in a random direction every so often, use the "PhotoShoot" Magic Word.

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The Toontown Offline Team

Tuesday, 29 March 2022

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