February 2022 Progress Update

Hey all! It's been a while! Today's post will be a quick one just to keep you all up to date!

2021 If you've been active in our Discord server, you would know that 2021 was quite a roller coaster of a year for Toontown Offline. Even with the departures of some long time team members, and our team being the smallest it has been in a long time, we have no plans of going anywhere any time soon! In 2021 we've released a LOT of updates, including a couple quite major updates like the v1.1.0.0 Props Galore! update, the in-game server list, the options overhaul, the Toontown Fields update, and more!

2022 Despite the challenging year our community and team faced in 2021, we're still pushing forward! We're currently still working on updates such as our Endless Building and other smaller updates. Another update we're working on is a complete overhaul to our in-game camera system, giving players the option to switch between various different camera modes such as the classic Toontown Online, an all-new modern orbital camera system, and the first-person camera.

Of course, if you have some skills that you think could contribute to the development of future Toontown Offline content, feel free to apply! Contact a team lead through our Discord server for more if you're interested!

Thanks for continuing to support Toontown Offline and for reading this short update! Stay Tooned for more!

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The Toontown Offline Team

Monday, 21 February 2022

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