June 2021 Progress Update

Hey all! Welcome to our June 2021 blog post. Today, we're going to be talking about the state of the Toontown Offline community, future updates to the game, Toontown Online's birthday, and a whole lot more. Sit back, relax, and read on for some important information regarding our project.

Toontown Online's Birthday Before we get into anything, we can't forget the most important thing happening today- Toontown Online's birthday! 18 years ago, Disney Interactive Studios released the game we all know and love, Disney's Toontown Online. We're only a couple years away now from the exciting 20th anniversary, which is honestly quite nuts to think about.

To celebrate this milestone, Toontown Rewritten released a new project, titled the Toontown Preservation Project. As stated on the website itself, it was created to preserve the history of anything and everything from Disney's Toontown Online. It has dozens of pieces of never-before-seen design documents, concept art, and other works galore. Truth be told, the Toontown community is extremely lucky to have access to some of these files. If you are interested in the history of the game, it's definitely worth checking them all out.

Community Concerns In the four years we've been writing blog posts for Toontown Offline, we've always tried our best to stray away from any outside controversy that may be occurring in the greater Toontown community. Unfortunately, recent events beyond our control have put our project into a tight spot- and we feel that it's our duty to communicate to our community exactly what has been going on as of late. This is the first, and perhaps the only time we will ever talk about a controversial subject on this blog. We hope you can take the time to sit down and listen to what we have to say.

/r/toontown Subreddit Post One week ago on May 26th, a post was made to the /r/toontown Subreddit, titled "Regarding Toontown Offline." In this post, it was stated that harmful and dangerous things were being said on our game. The post went on to say that all further discussion about Toontown Offline would be banned on the subreddit, and that the community should be urged to stay away from our project.

We would like to clearly state that Toontown Offline is not host to harmful and dangerous material. In fact, our team was utterly shocked to see such a post made to a community we have frequented and supported for many years. The /r/toontown Subreddit has always been a fair forum to discuss all things Toontown, so to see such a defamatory post seemed very out-of-character for the subreddit's moderation team.

First and foremost, Toontown Offline has had a Discord server for 5 years. Since it's inception, we have always allowed the use of mature language within. It has always been our philosophy at Toontown Offline that the average Toontown player is no longer a child, but instead a teenager or young adult. As such, we allow users on our Discord to speak freely- within reason. Of course, we also have rules preventing the use of slurs and the like, as one would expect of any largely populated Discord server. This is not new by any stretch of the imagination, and anyone who has spent a short amount of time in our server would tell you the same.

When we opened up our official Mini-Server in 2019, we applied the same set of rules to that as well, meaning players were free to use mature language within reason. For the past two years of our official Mini-Server, this has remained a constant. Whether you agree with this philosophy or not is besides the point. This is an ideal we have stood by for many years, and it's not something we plan to change, either.

We do not plan to make an argument for our stance on mature language in our Discord and game. It's a belief that we have held for a long time, and that we still agree with to this day. We would rather give our community freedom with what they say, treating them like the teenagers and young adults that they are. However, whether you agree with our stance or not is besides the point. To act as if us allowing mature language is a new thing is disingenuous, considering this is the way we've ran our server for half a decade.

Future Content Despite all that has occurred, we don't plan to stop updating our game. In fact, we've recently been working on an addition to a feature set we haven't touched in a while- Episodes! In the thumbnail of today's post, you can catch a small teaser at this upcoming cinematic experience to Toontown Offline. We can't give any exact time-frame on when this plans to release, but you'll sure as heck know when it does.

Thank You As always- but especially today- we would like to thank our community for your continued support of our project. We never wanted to make a post like this, especially seeing as video games are supposed to be a way to escape from reality. However, we feel it was important to explain the ongoing situation and defend our project. If you'd like, feel free to join our Discord Server to talk about all things Toontown Offline and about Toontown in general. Or, if you just want to find some friends to talk to about anything at all, that's fine too! It doesn't really matter to us if Toontown isn't the main point of discussion.

Also, feel free to check out the open positions we have for our team if you'd like to help us with making Toontown Offline.

Anyways, that's all from us today. We'll see you again next month with hopefully some brighter news and more insight into upcoming content. Thank you for reading today's blog post.

The Toontown Offline Team

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The Toontown Offline Team

Wednesday, 02 June 2021

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