March 2021 Progress Update

Hello hello, everybody! This month’s blog post will be a little different than the ones before. If you’re unfamiliar with who I am, I go by “Loonatic” around here. If you ever see me around, feel free to wave a “hello” at me and I’ll be sure to wave one back!

Anyway, here at Toontown Offline, there’s been a lot of reforms that have been going on behind the scenes. Don’t worry though, we intend to smoothen out some of the bumps and loose ends of Offline’s development pipeline, which ultimately contributes towards Operation: Seek Out Scrooge development.

This month’s progress update. Let’s talk about updates. As mentioned in the previous blog post, many pieces of new content were originally planned to be (hopefully) finish for March’s monthly update, including:

  • Sellbot Showdown, a PVP minigame similar to Courtroom Catastrophe
  • Revamped Options Page
  • Revamped Magic Words Page
  • A special new Cog building with a brand new challenge in store!
Unfortunately, due to some of the sudden internal reforms that had occurred during this month, I’m afraid that neither of these features is ready for release as of now. However, that’s not to say that there’s been a lot of progress in these various features behind the scenes!

Future content plans for Toontown Offline. As originally stated in February’s blog post, there are still plans for monthly updates for the time being. However, in terms of new content, we’ve decided to put the breaks on developing monthly content updates such as new mini-games, episodes, etc. The reason behind this is that, well, the more focus put on these smaller new features, the less is put on one of the biggest updates we plan to release: Operation: Seek Out Scrooge.

There has been A LOT of progress done towards the SOS update, however, not everything is ready to be shipped out yet. There are still many features to implement and many bugs to squash, but we’ve still made remarkable progress in total. We genuinely appreciate your patience as we get our duckies in a row and figure out how we’ll be going forward with this update in the future. Trust me, it WILL be worth it!

Transparency. Ultimately, March has been a great stall in getting our intended content out in time. With the departure of some of our integral staff members, it’s been quite a headrush to scramble and get everything back together. That being said, the folks behind Toontown Offline will take some time out to review and work out a new pipeline on how we intend to release updates, including the development of SOS. In April’s blog post update, we intend to have our plans cleared up and locked in place, along with a statement for the future direction of content in Toontown Offline.

We sincerely hope that you all understand and that many members of the Toontown Offline team are working extremely hard on recovering from this stalemate.

Loonatic The Toontown Offline Team

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Wednesday, 31 March 2021

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