Dreamy Drive: A New Rockstar Is In Town

Stop right there, you foolish little punks! You all weren’t invited to meet with me. This spot was reserved for only the brightest of stars. But now that you’ve rolled in, let me introduce myself.

They call me The Racketeer - And as the newest Top Brass of Cog Nation, I really bring the pedal to the METAL. Dreamy Drive is missing a little bit of soul… but that’s why I’m here to change that. Maybe this place could make use of some good ol’ rock music, or better yet, how about some redecoration of these awfully silly buildings? I could make a whole profit off this street, and there is nothing you meddling Toons can do about it! I dare you all to try to stop me, you’ll find that I’m very hard to get.

posted by

The Racketeer

Wednesday, 29 May 2024

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