August 2023 Progress Update

Last Wednesday marks FOUR months since Toontown Realms opened its doors to you all!

We've been blown away by the support to our changes, especially for our latest major update, the introduction of Data Packs! We love seeing all the creative things our community has created with this new feature and are dedicated to continuing to expand these creative features.

That being said, let's get into this progress update!

Beta 2

We're currently hard at work on our second beta, and are now ready to reveal some of what this update will have to offer!

As seen in our original roadmap, this update will revolve around the release of Dreamy Drive.

What is Dreamy Drive?

For a long time, a zone known as the Dreamy Drive Outcove was accessible through Magic Words, and more recently through a tunnel added to the Donald's Dreamland Tunnel.


Inside the Outcove was a blocked off tunnel leading to Dreamy Drive. This update will open up that tunnel.

What's so special about Dreamy Drive?

Our goal with Dreamy Drive is to raise the bar for streets in Toontown.

Dreamy Drive (Incomplete)

Every single area in Dreamy Drive is crafted to be unique and immensely detailed, taking advantage of modern hardware, while still keeping it playable on low end systems.

Dreamy Drive (Incomplete)

For example, one way we are expanding the detail and personality of Dreamy Drive is through the building signs. Unlike the other streets, each building will have its own handcrafted sign texture to make each building even more of its own.

Outside of these mere visual changes, we have a huge surprise in store for you with Dreamy Drive. We don't want to spoil the surprise, so we're just going to throw you a little teaser for you to speculate for now.


Along with Dreamy Drive, the Dreamy Drive Outcove area is getting a complete makeover! This makeover will use custom assets instead of just a bunch of street modules, along with adding more regular playground features such as treasures to the area in order to make it more of an expansion to Donald's Dreamland.

In the Outcove, you will also find a brand new building: The Arcade!

The Arcade

Curious data miners have already found some temporary models for this feature in the resource files and have been wondering what they're for, and we're excited to finally reveal this.

Arcade Concept Art

Arcade Concept Art - not representative of final product / background scenery not representative of the Dreamy Drive Outcove

  • Note: With the first release of Beta 2, entering the Arcade will be locked behind the* Experimental Features server setting and will be expanded with more games and features throughout the span of the beta.

Just like a real-life arcade, the Arcade will be home to various arcade machines with new and unique mini games which will earn you tickets.

  • Note: Tickets will not be redeemable in Beta 2 but will be earnable. Stay tooned for more information on what Tickets can be used to buy in the future.*


While we're chugging along with Beta 2, we're also working on a couple of smaller changes. Some changes may come before or after Beta 2.

Improved Sign Props

The sign props in the Prop Generator are currently very limited - you can't change anything about the text except for what it says. You've all expressed that the tools provided just aren't enough, so we're fixing that.


In the near future, the possibilities with sign props will be greatly expanded. We're currently working on:

  • The ability to change the font and font color of the sign text
  • The ability to transform the letters in all the ways that the Level Editor also supports
  • this includes kerning, curve, wiggle, and stomp
  • A "hologram" sign prop
  • This will be a sign prop which will allow you to make floating text without a texture behind it. This has been one of the most highly requested additions to the Prop Generator.

Visual Improvements

  • We're regularly working on various visual improvements to improve the quality of Toontown Realms based on both community and internal feedback.
  • We're currently targeting various aspects of the UI, including, but not limited to, newer UIs such as the Notification Menu and the Toon Profiles panel.
  • We're also completely remaking some outdated low resolution 2D textures with some new 3D models, starting with the playground treasures.


And more!

As with every update, we'll be adding various new props to the prop generator, and a bunch of different quality of life improvements.


While we don't have a date for when to expect Beta 2, we're hard at work on it.

We will also be releasing a smaller update in the near future with various new props, magic words, improvements, and fixes.

Thanks for reading and for staying along for the ride! We're going to try to get these kinds of posts out more frequently in the future. Have a toontastic day!

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The Toontown Realms Team

Sunday, 20 August 2023

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