Data Packs

Data Packs allow you to change certain aspects of your Toontown Realms experience.

The Realms Data Pack Development Kit is in open alpha. Try it out here!

Data Pack Structure

Each data pack is compiled into a .rmdp file. The pack will contain the subfolders and a pack.json file to identify it. Currently, data packs are structured as followed.

  • (pack folder root)/
    • pack.json
    • cogs/
      • zone_spawns/
        • 1100.json
        • 1200.json
        • ...
      • appearance/
        • ac.json (ambulance chaser)
        • b.json (bloodsucker)
        • ...
      • quotes/
        • ...
        • default_brushoffs.json
        • default_cog_building_boss_taunts
        • ...
    • minigames/
      • prophunt/
        • maps/
          • ttrm_mg_ph_map_ToontownCentral.json

(More features coming in future updates)

To compile a data pack for use, run the following command in the pack folder root

pack folder root> multify -c -f pack_name_here.rmdp pack.json cogs/ minigames/

Datapacks are installed in the resources/datapacks/ folder in your game installation directory.

Datapacks are currently loaded in alphabetical order. The ability to change load order will come in a future update.

You can find the default data pack here. Do not include ANY default files that you are NOT EDITING in your data pack. This will lead to conflicts with other packs and issues with game updates.

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